Safice German Shepherds

I fell in love with German Shepherds entirely by accident. I was a veterinary technician by trade and through my place of work adopted an abandoned 1 year old Doberman (the breed of my dreams). He was a beautiful red male (intact) that had been abandoned with us. He had limited socialization with people and dogs and we were not willing to place him just anywhere. I thought I'd give him a chance. I soon found that he was more than a handful. We tried numerous training facilities to try and modify some of his behaviours and make him socially acceptable. No one could help us.
I moved to South Western Ontario and about 8 months later I came across a man training an incredible shepherd in the park( Comrade was his name - he went on to be Canada's 2003 Top Obedience Dog of the Year). I enquired about where he trained. He indicated Appleridge Kennels. I signed up!! I was able to help my Dobie to some degree, but he was never to be a social dog that I could walk in the park or compete in obedience.
I found a passion in working with the dogs. I asked if there were any dogs in need of training that I could continue with at the kennel. Harley was in need of her final leg (3rd trial) to complete her Companion Dog obedience title. I worked with her for a number of months until we became a solid team. We walked into our first trial together and earned her title and an award for Top German Shepherd that day.
I had not realized how wonderful a dog a well bred GSD (German Shepherd Dog) could be. They are loyal, fun loving and eager to please breed. It amazes me how versatile (herding, obedience, conformation, agility, fly-ball, protection to name a few) they can be - and yet when it gets right down to it they will always be your best friend; at the end of the day willing to lay back and watch t.v. at your feet or in your lap!!
....And so it began. I have worked with long time breeders learning the art of raising, training and showing quality German Shepherds for the past number of years. I regularly compete in obedience and conformation and attend temperament testing and some herding certifications.
Every day is a new challenge and a joy living with these incredibly smart dogs. Each has their own needs and wants, that make my life complete.